Emergency Dentistry In Bel Air, MD

Even if you follow your dentist’s exact instructions for oral care at home, you may encounter a dental emergency that requires immediate care to relieve pain and preserve teeth that are damaged or knocked out. Because you won’t always know when the need for dental care may arise, Your Smile provides prompt emergency service for our patients once business hours have ended. As a patient of our Bel Air practice, you can expect care from our skilled team at any time with flexible hours and appointments. Keep reading to learn about our Emergency Dentistry in Bel Air, MD for patients of all ages.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

There are a few different reasons you may not be able to wait on a standard dental appointment to repair your smile. As an Emergency Dentistry, Your Smile is prepared to handle any of these common dental emergencies, since we provide imaging, restorations, and periodontal care all in the same practice.

  • Oral Injuries – Athletes are particularly prone to injuries that can lead to fractures in the teeth or jaw. These injuries should be treated right away, since they may not only cause excessive pain, but they could leave the mouth highly prone to serious infections. A blow to the face could also knock out a permanent tooth, but the tooth may be put back into place if treatment is applied in a short enough window of time.
  • Severe Toothache – If you suddenly have a toothache or nerve pain that is sharp and severe, waiting on care will only cause you more pain. Your Smile will help you find relief faster so that you can carry on with your normal routine.
  • Soft Tissue Inflammation – Soreness in the gums or swelling of the jaw can both be fairly serious injuries that should be looked at right away to minimize long-term damage. Lacerations inside the mouth may also be best treated with care in the dentist’s office rather than at a hospital emergency room.

Where to Turn for Emergency Dentistry in Bel Air, MD

Many dental practices will refer patients to other offices or the general ER after regular business hours, but at Your Smile, we understand the need for immediate dental care from physicians and technicians whom you are familiar with. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of our younger patients, who may have significant anxiety when it comes to seeing the dentist. If you are facing a dental emergency, book your appointment anytime online or at (410) 877-3000.

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