• Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

    When you visit your dental office in Bel Air, MD to receive treatment for a cavity, there are times when your dentist may recommend a root canal . Continue reading to learn more about this commonly performed dental procedure. root - canal

    Allowing Cavities to Progress

    Cavities occur when bacteria cause damage to the surface of a tooth and begin to penetrate the enamel. When left untreated, a dental cavity can become severe enough that bacteria can make their way into the tooth. Once a tooth becomes infected, the tissues inside can become inflamed. The swelling can cause the individual a great deal of discomfort which is frequently what leads them to see a dentist for treatment. In addition to cavities, cracked and broken teeth can also be vulnerable to infection.

    Examining the Tooth

    Once a tooth is infected, parts of it can become damaged and, in some cases, the swelling prevents proper blood flow to the tooth which can kill the tissues inside. When you visit your dental office for a toothache, your dentist will examine your mouth, and he may also take X-rays of the painful tooth to get a better look at the extent of the damage. Depending on how big the cavity is or what damage the infection has caused, your dentist may tell you that you need a root canal.

    Performing the Root Canal

    Root canals are safe procedures that are frequently performed in dentistry, and they can provide patients with relief from the pain that they are experiencing while avoiding the need to extract the tooth. First, your dentist will numb the area. Next, he will drill a hole into the tooth to remove the infected tissues inside. Then, he will treat the infection, clean out the tooth, and fill the canal with a special type of tooth filling material. Finally, your dentist will use a filling or a crown to seal the tooth and restore its dental function. The site may feel tender for a few days, but patients usually feel much better following their root canal procedure and can enjoy restored function of their tooth.

  • What Are the Signs of a Tooth Abscess?

    A tooth abscess can be a very painful condition. In this video, a dental care practitioner will explain some of the common signs and symptoms of an abscessed tooth. When you have an abscess, you may find that your tooth is very sensitive to hot or cold foods. You may also feel a dull, aching pain that throbs in your mouth. A dentist at a general dentistry office in Bel Air will be able to check your tooth for the signs of an abscess.

    In the event that you experience an abscess in your tooth, you will want to visit your local dental office right away. With dental care services, you will be able to alleviate your pain and restore your tooth to perfect health. Your dentist will have the tools needed to remove the abscess and improve your overall comfort.

  • Are Sports Drinks Safe for Your Smile?

    Sports drinks might seem like a healthy choice, perhaps because they are marketed toward fitness enthusiasts. However, pediatric dentists in Bel Air, MD, warn parents that sports drinks can actually be just as harmful for teeth as soda. They can increase the risk of dental cavities, which require tooth fillings to correct. One way that sports drinks are harmful for teeth is the amount of sugar. The bacteria in the mouth thrive in sugary environments. As the bacteria feast on sugar, they produce acids as a byproduct. These acids wear away the enamel on the teeth and create dental cavities.

    Some sports drinks might seem to be healthier for teeth because they are sugar-free. But in fact, even sugar-free drinks can wear away as much enamel as sugary beverages can. This is because these beverages tend to contain phosphoric acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid. The acidic nature of these beverages has a corrosive effect on the teeth. Instead of sports drinks, pediatric dentists recommend drinking milk or water.

    healthy smile

  • Missing Teeth and Your Health

    If you are missing teeth due to tooth decay, trauma, or a tooth extraction near Bel Air, MD, your dentist will recommend replacing your missing teeth with prosthetics . There are a few cosmetic dentistry options for replacing missing teeth, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. If you don’t seek restorative or cosmetic dental care, you may develop serious complications and health problems.

    Watch this video from the American Dental Association to learn more about missing teeth and your health. If your dentist doesn’t replace your missing teeth with cosmetic dentistry restorations, you may suffer from shifting or crooked teeth, jawbone loss, facial deformity, and difficulty eating and speaking. When dentures or dental bridges are anchored to your jawbone using dental implants, you can reduce your risk of health problems. You can also restore your smile, and ensure that you can comfortably eat, speak, and maintain your dental care routine.

  • The Importance of a Whiter Smile

    When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening in Bel Air, MD , is one of the most popular procedures. Today, professional teeth whitening can lighten your smile by several shades in just one visit to the dentist. Teeth whitening is also completely painless—and more affordable than ever. If you want to improve your oral health and cosmetic appearance, ask your dentist about your teeth whitening options. Keep reading to learn why a whiter smile is so important, including that it improves oral health, boosts self-esteem, and creates a younger appearance.


    Improves Oral Health

    Most people know that teeth whitening makes you look and feel better. But in addition to its cosmetic dentistry benefits, a white smile also improves your oral health. Whiter teeth deliver a smile that looks happy and healthy. When you invest in teeth whitening, you will feel motivated to take the best care of your smile, including brushing and flossing regularly.

    Boosts Self-Esteem

    Teeth whitening has given millions of people an essential boost in self-esteem. The teeth can become dark or yellow for many reasons, including as a natural side effect of aging, due to many dental procedures, or as a result of bad habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee. When you whiten your teeth, you no longer need to feel insecure when you laugh, smile, or eat. That means you can enjoy a much more active social life. Whiter teeth can also help you excel at work. With your new confidence, you will feel more comfortable than ever meeting with clients—or asking your boss for a raise.

    Creates Younger Appearance

    Many people invest in teeth whitening because it is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to look and feel younger. As dentists know, everyone’s teeth are perfectly white and shiny when they are born. Yet, over time, everyone’s teeth also become darker. Instead of letting your smile make you look older than you feel, ask your dentist about your options for teeth whitening. With healthy gums and a bright smile, you are guaranteed to take years off your appearance.

  • Different Dental Restoration Procedures

    A dentist in Bel Air, MD, has many techniques for restoring your smile . If you are missing teeth or suffer from tooth decay, ask your dentist about restorative dentistry.

    With dental restoration, a dentist can help you achieve a healthier and better looking smile. If you have lost teeth due to accidents or tooth decay, your dentist may suggest dental implants to restore your smile. Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that fuse with the jawbone to provide permanent anchors for a dental bridge or crowns. A dental clinic should also regularly perform root canal procedures. With root canals, your dentist removes inner tooth pulp that has become infected. As long as the infection is caught early, a root canal can help preserve the natural tooth. However, your dentist may also use crowns to strengthen the tooth. Dentists also offer dentures and partial dentures for individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth due to age or periodontal disease. Finally, if you have cavities, dentists use composite fillings to repair the affected teeth. All of these techniques ensure that you can have a full and healthy smile.


  • Meet Dr. Danielle Zhu

    Home dental care is not enough to keep teeth and gums healthy—you also need to find a great dentist in Bel Air ! A great dentist will help you feel comfortable and make sure you understand concerns and treatment options that can improve your smile.

    When you visit Your Smile, you can feel comfortable meeting with Dr. Danielle Zhu. Dr. Zhu specializes in a variety of dental fields, providing treatments for patients of all ages and with an assortment of concerns and dental emergencies. Before becoming a well-known dentist in Bel Air, Dr. Zhu earned her undergraduate degree from UMBC and went on to receive a dental degree from the University of Maryland Dental School. Dr. Zhu also has a prosthodontic clerkship and post doctorate training in advanced general dentistry on her résumé! Along with these accomplishments, patients can also feel comfortable knowing that Dr. Zhu is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Maryland State Dental Association.

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  • Reviews: “Nice and Friendly Treatment”

    At Your Smile, we pride ourselves on providing your family with the dental care you need to keep your smile healthy. Take a look at our latest reviews on ZocDoc to see what some of our patients have to say about us. We would also like to hear from you. Please take a moment to leave a review of your own on our Google+ page.

    “I would and have recommended her to anyone looking for a dentist.” – Walter M.

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  • Your Smile Celebrates 10 Years!

    This spring, the staff at Your Smile , proudly celebrates 10 years together. In 2005, Dr. Danielle Zhu acquired a well-established dental practice in the heart of what we now know as “(Insert Dealership Name)-ville”. She faced many challenges, like deciding what we were to do with a 9 ft. wooden bear in our lawn, and hiring the staff needed to make Your Smile thrive as a new business. Within weeks, Dr. Zhu had found the “big bear” a new home, and had hand selected a team to help make Your Smile what it is today. As a new owner, you can only hope that your staff selection can match strengths with weaknesses and allows personal growth for the whole team. Realistically, you hope that your staff gets along and that you can count on them to be there when you open your doors every morning.

    Today, Dr. Danielle Zhu opens her office doors to see the same team that she selected 10 years ago. We try to keep it fresh and dye our now graying hair, but we are still here. Through graduations, weddings, births and shared holidays, we have become more than just staff. We have become family. Here’s a little bit more about the smiling faces that help make that family:

    Dorothy Van Dyke

    Dorothy has held her position in this location for more than 15 years. You know her as the Polish lady that sends you to “the big chair”, but she does much more behind the scenes than any of us will ever realize. As the “Mom” of the group, our cabinets are never bare of supplies, and she sees that everyone goes home with tooth brush. During quiet times, we often hear Dorothy shout out a name of a patient that she just remembered is overdue for a cleaning. She never stops worrying about people. Do not be surprised if you get a personal reminder call. We are honored to have her here on our team.

    Outside of the office, Dorothy and her husband are always on the run. Dorothy is a proud swimming and soccer mom, and she will take every opportunity to share this with our patients. Her oldest is now off on his own, making his own dental appointments. Her daughters flossing rituals are still under the watchful eye of their mom, their smiles will undoubtedly only grow more beautiful. Along with countless other families, we have watched Dorothy’s children grow up over the years. What an honor it has been.

    Lori Adams

    If Dorothy is the “Mom”, then surely Lori is the little sister. As the youngest of the team, Lori has grown herself over the last 10 years. She still struggles to wear her retainers every night, but we have finally gotten the importance of flossing through to her. Lori’s smile is always the first thing that you see when you walk into our office. Mostly likely because she never leaves that front desk, but also after Invisalign and Porcelain Crowns, we featured her on the first page of our Look Book. Lori’s greatest strength is that she can efficiently juggle scheduling appointments and answering your insurance questions, all without missing a moment of what comes on The Ellen Show. Lori’s biggest smile can be seen when she gets a chance to play in the office with her littlest co-workers, both Dorothy and Dr. Zhu’s children. We may not have video games or a sandbox, but we have a “Lori”. At the end of the day, it is not uncommon for us to see her still wearing the prize box jewelry or pulling stickers off of her pants. We are very lucky to have her, and so are the parents of our patients!

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    Dorothy, Dr. Zhu, and Lori

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