• The Importance of Sealants

    Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but you should still do what you can to protect yourself against gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems. During your next visit to your dentist in Bel Air, find out what you can do to keep your oral health in good condition. Your dentist may recommend sealants if you do not already have them to protect your teeth against decay. Sealants are used on the chewing surfaces of molars, helping to seal off the pits and grooves in your teeth against plaque, tartar, and decay. They make the surfaces of your teeth smoother and easier to clean, and help prevent bacteria from building up in those pits. Your dentist or dental hygienist can apply sealants in a short, painless procedure. The sealant material will be painted onto your teeth, and then either harden on their own or be cured by a special light. After you get your sealants, you’ll have additional protection against decay, but you should still practice a good at-home oral care routine to ensure a happy, healthy smile.

    Sealants in Bel Air