ICON: A Drill-Free Treatment for Early Decay and White Spots on Teeth

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At Your Smile, we can gently treat cariogenic white spots on teeth without drilling or needles using the Icon infiltration technique. Whether your white spots are due to braces treatment, fluorosis, or early decay, Icon allows us to quickly and painlessly stop early cavities and esthetically blend white spots with the rest of the enamel. It preserves your tooth and restores the appearance of your smile.

How Does the Icon Infiltration Technique Work?

Incipient caries, or early decay, can form in hard-to-reach places and white spot lesions can appear on your teeth after orthodontic treatment or from excessive fluoride intake. Both issues used to be difficult to treat and required more invasive solutions. Infiltration treatment with Icon can be completed in a single session without the drill or injections.

Using ICON Caries Infiltrant, we apply a highly fluid resin, which painlessly enters the damaged tooth’s pore system, filling it and preventing cavity-causing acids from penetrating. This means decay is stopped quickly and we’re able to preserve the tooth’s structure and prolong its life expectancy. It also balances out discoloration and helps the white spots blend in with your healthy enamel.

To learn more about early decay and treatment of white spot lesions on your teeth using the Icon infiltration technique, contact our office today.  We’ll assess your smile and let you know if this is the best option for your needs.