• How Tooth Whitening Works

    Teeth whitening is one of the most in-demand procedures for cosmetic dentistry in Bel Air, MD . Watch this video to learn more about how professional teeth whitening can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

    Teeth whitening uses the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry to deliver a white smile in just one visit to a dentist. At-home teeth whitening kits contain only low levels of bleach. Dentists are able to use high-powered bleach, which means you can brighten your teeth by many shades after one pain-free procedure. The teeth can become dark or stained for many reasons, including smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, taking certain medications, or having certain dental procedures. If you have always wanted a brighter smile, ask your dentist if professional teeth whitening may be right for you.

  • What’s Causing Your Bad Breath?

    If you have reported bad breath symptoms to your dentist in Bel Air, MD , you most likely have no cause for concern. However, it is important to practice good dental care habits, as bad breath may be caused by poor oral hygiene.

    To ward off bad breath, dentists suggest brushing twice per day and flossing every night. In addition to regular teeth cleanings at your dental clinic, good dental care at home is essential to keeping your whole mouth healthy. However, bad breath also has more serious causes. For example, bad breath can be caused by a dental abscess, gum disease, or tooth decay. It is important to tell your dentist about bad breath.

  • The Latest Ways to Improve Your Smile

    Modern cosmetic dentistry in Bel Air, MD , offers many solutions to help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. A dentist who practices cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of a patient’s mouth, teeth, and smile. These treatments are generally considered elective and are customized depending on an individual’s preferences, needs, and goals. Continue reading to learn more about new cosmetic dentistry trends, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants.

    Cosmetic Dentistry in Bel Air MD

    Teeth Whitening
    Teeth whitening is the most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry today. When performed by dentists in a dental clinic, teeth whitening can brighten the teeth several shades in under an hour. While professional teeth whitening procedures vary, a dentist generally applies a bleaching gel to your teeth first. Next, your dentist will use a light to activate the solution. You can listen to music or watch TV during two 20-minute treatments, and the entire procedure is completely painless.

    Porcelain Veneers
    If you have especially dark stains on your teeth, have a chipped tooth, or have different sized or shaped teeth, your dentist may recommend porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers like Lumineers are comprised of thin sheaths of tooth-colored material. Veneers completely cover the fronts of teeth, concealing any discolorations or imperfections. Dentists also suggest using veneers as an alternative to braces. Lumineers can also correct misaligned, overlapping, or gapped teeth—without the long treatment time associated with braces.

    Dental Implants
    Are you missing one or more teeth? Dental implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth. Dental implants consist of tiny titanium screws that are surgically implanted into the jaw by a dentist. The implants are then covered with dental bridges or crowns. Unlike dentures, which can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to eat and speak with confidence, dental implants function and look like your natural teeth. Additionally, dental implants encourage bone growth. For patients whose jaw bones have begun to deteriorate due to tooth loss, dental implants are the best choice.

  • How BriteSmile Works

    When you visit your dentist in Bel Air, MD for BriteSmile treatment, you can expect the very latest in teeth whitening technology. BriteSmile is an efficient, affordable, and painless procedure.

    BriteSmile teeth whitening is known specifically for its effectiveness and gentleness. This teeth whitening procedure is performed by dentists in dental clinics. BriteSmile is recommended for patients of all ages, excluding children. When you visit your dentist for a BriteSmile treatment, you can expect to dramatically improve the appearance of dull, discolored, yellow, or darkened teeth. After just a single one-hour visit, you will have a brighter, whiter smile. BriteSmile teeth whitening uses a combination of special bleaching gel and a cool, blue light to whiten your teeth. First, your dentist will apply the BriteSmile gel to your teeth. Next, your dentist will apply the BriteSmile light for 20 minutes. You can sit, relax, and watch TV or listen to music the entire time. After one or two more 20-minute applications, you will have noticeably whiter teeth. Before you leave the dental office, your dentist may advise you to avoid certain foods and beverages for a short time to avoid staining your teeth.

    Dentist in Bel Air MD

  • Choosing Between Dental Implants and Dentures

    Are you deciding between dentures and dental implants near Bel Air, MD ? You are not alone. Dentists report that almost 70% of American adults between 35 and 44 have at least one missing tooth, and the numbers only increase with age. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry now offers many different options for restoring your smile, including dental implants and dentures. Continue reading to learn more.

    Bone Health
    The first step in deciding between dental implants and dentures involves asking your dentist to evaluate your jaw bone. When you schedule a consultation with your dental clinic, your dentist will determine whether you have enough healthy Dental Implants Near Bel Air MD bone to support dental implants. When you lose teeth, the bone beneath naturally deteriorates, because it has no tooth to support. However, for dental implants to successfully adhere to the jaw, there must be sufficient healthy bone to support them.

    Permanent Solution
    Dental implants are ideal for individuals who want a permanent solution to missing teeth. Because they fuse directly with the jawbone, dental implants last a lifetime. Additionally, the bridge or dental crowns function just like normal teeth. However, some patients prefer the efficiency and ease of dentures. Dentures do not require surgery and can often be created in a single day, so you can leave your dentist with a full set of teeth. Additionally, dentures can be easily removed and require little at-home care.

    Cosmetic Appearance
    When you decide between dentures and dental implants, you may also want to consider how much importance you place on your smile’s cosmetic appearance. Both dentures and dental implants are much more natural looking today than ever before. However, dental implants and crowns offer an aesthetic advantage over dentures, because they look just like natural teeth. If having a full set of beautiful teeth is important to you, be sure to consider dental implants.