What to Expect from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you still have your wisdom teeth ? Some people have enough room in their mouths to safely contain these teeth, but most patients need to visit a dentist in Bel Air for wisdom teeth removal. If you need to get your wisdom teeth remove, this blog can help you determine what to expect from the process:

Getting Anesthesia
Your dentist will give you some sort of anesthesia before starting removal so that you can stay comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Local anesthesia is administered by injection and numbs the area in which it is used. Patients who receive local anesthesia remain awake during the process. Sedation anesthesia is administered through IV and sedates Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bel Air patients for the procedure, though they technically remain awake. General anesthesia can be administered through a face mask or IV and puts patients to sleep, helping them wake back up once the procedure is finished.

Performing the Procedure
After choosing anesthesia and either numbing your mouth or putting you to sleep, your dentist will be ready to begin the procedure. Many patients get all four wisdom teeth removed during once procedure while others prefer to do multiple procedures because their wisdom teeth have come in at different rates or not all teeth require extraction. Your dentist will make an incision and remove any bone that may be in the way before removing the desired tooth. After cleaning the area, your dentist will stitch it back up and place gauze over it to control bleeding and start the healing process.

Recovering After the Procedure
Once you are fully awake, your dentist will send you home with instructions for taking care of the incisions and prescriptions for medication that can help with pain and healing. It is important to rest immediately following the procedure and avoid any strenuous activities for at least a week. You will also be advised to avoid using straws for a week and avoid hard and sticky foods until your incisions have healed. Your dentist can provide more advice for ensuring that your mouth heals properly!