Whitening Your Teeth with BriteSmile

Think about your favorite foods and drinks. Would they stain a white T-shirt? If the answer is yes, then these foods and drinks are also staining your teeth. Coffee, tea, soda, wine, and even dark berries can stain your teeth and take away from the beauty of your smile. But you do not have to avoid these food and drinks—you can get rid of stains with BriteSmile!

Your Bel Air cosmetic dentist can help you learn more about BriteSmile. This teeth whitening solution works by applying a whitening gel to the teeth and then activating the gel with a blue light for approximately 20 minutes. Cosmetic dentistry patients typically receive three 20-minute sessions during each visit. Not only will patients be able to enjoy a whiter smile, they will also have time to relax and watch TV or listen to music during the treatment.

BriteSmile can help you get rid of years of stains to reveal brighter and whiter teeth! Discover more about this Bel Air teeth whitening procedure from your cosmetic dentist.

Teeth Whitening in Bel Air