How to Floss Properly

Prevent gum disease in Bel Air by learning how to care for your teeth and gums! Brushing your teeth is essential for removing food and drink residue that can lead to plaque and tartar—but it cannot reach every surface in your mouth! That is why it is also important to floss once a day. Flossing removes the food debris that get stuck between your teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth and healthier teeth and gums.

Start by finding the right floss for your teeth. You should use approximately 18 inches to make sure you can clean between all of your teeth. Wrap each end of the floss around your middle fingers and carefully place the floss between two teeth. Create a U-shape around each tooth and move the floss up and down for proper cleaning. If you have a hard time using regular floss, ask your family dentist to recommend floss sticks or other products.