The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventative treatments at the dentist in Bel Air give you an easy way to prevent major oral health issues and to keep your teeth looking great. Keep reading to find out how these preventative treatments can help you maintain a healthy, attractive smile:

It Keeps the Teeth and Gums Clean
General cleanings are huge parts of preventive care. The dentist will give you a thorough cleaning every time you go in for an appointment. This can help you prevent food and plaque from building up on your teeth and gums, which lowers your risk for developing cavities or periodontal disease.

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It Reminds You Why Oral Hygiene is Important
If you visit your dentist for regular cleanings, it reminds you of the importance of a good oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing your teeth at home helps you get the best reports the next time you visit the dentist. If you keep up with your preventative visits, you can easily remind yourself why it is so important to focus on your oral health.

It Spots Issues Early
Preventative dental care helps you spot any oral health issues early enough to get treatment before the problems get worse . A dentist can place a dental sealant over a tooth that is at risk for developing decay to protect the eating surface. If the dentist can spot problems like gum disease in the earliest stages, he or she can give you treatment to prevent the issue from getting any worse.

It Helps You Learn About Oral Health
Preventative dentistry can also educate patients about oral health. The dentist can teach you about the proper way to care for your teeth and gums to decrease your risk for preventable problems like cavities and gum disease. He or she can also talk to you about the best kinds of foods to eat to encourage a healthy smile. The dentist can also show you how your oral health can affect your overall health.