• What Makes a Whiter Smile Valuable?

    Have you always wanted a whiter and brighter smile? Dentists in Bel Air agree that a whiter smile gives an immediate impression of youth, happiness, and health. Teeth whitening is now one of the most popular and cost-effective procedures in cosmetic dentistry. There are many options for teeth whitening, so you should always consult with your dentist about the best teeth whitening procedure to brighten your smile. Read on to learn more about the many valuable benefits of teeth whitening.

    Younger Appearance
    Everyone is born with baby teeth that are almost purely white. Unfortunately, as these teeth are replaced by permanent adult teeth, most people experience gradual discoloration. After many years of drinking coffee and wine, smoking, and Teeth Whitening in Bel Air simply aging, the teeth can become darker, yellower, or stained. Additionally, internal tooth discoloration may occur after exposure to high levels of fluoride. A whiter smile has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to look immediately younger, as the teeth regain the pure white color of youth.

    Improved Career Options
    Many people visit their dentist for teeth whitening for a cost-effective way to increase their productivity at work. Whether you work in sales and spend your day selling your wares to potential investors or spend most of your time at a desk in an office, almost all careers involve interacting with customers and clients. Teeth whitening can measurably boost your self-esteem, making it easier to do everything from working with a team of co-workers to asking your supervisor for a raise.

    Increased Sociability
    If you are like most people who have experienced teeth darkening or aging, you may smile with a closed mouth or shield your teeth with your hand when laughing or talking. But you should never let your insecurities about your smile put a damper on your social life. Whether you are single and looking for someone new or simply venturing out for drinks with friends, you deserve to feel proud of the way you look. A bright, white smile makes you automatically appealing to others and enables you to feel confident in any kind of social situation.

  • Technology Spotlight: Digital X-Rays

    Along with regular teeth cleanings and inspections for oral cancer, digital x-rays are a common procedure in general dentistry . Instead of x-ray film, many dentists near Bel Air now rely on images captured from an electronic sensor and stored on a computer. This innovative technique reduces radiation by up to 90%. X-rays are essential diagnostic tools because they reveal problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, x-rays taken by your dentist may reveal tumors, tooth decay, abscesses or cysts, bone loss, or gum disease. By detecting and treating dental issues at an early age, your dentist can help save you time, money, and pain down the road. While x-rays are completely safe, dentists still use shields to protect the body and only take x-rays that are absolutely necessary. Your dentist will generally recommend x-rays after undertaking a careful review of your medical and dental history, considering your signs and symptoms, and taking into account your age and risk of disease.

    General Dentistry in Bel Air

  • How Dental Implants Can Benefit You

    Dental implants are regularly placed by dentists near Bel Air and are highly recommended for certain patients who have lost teeth due to disease or injury. Acting as substitutes for the roots of missing teeth, dental implants provide permanent anchors for a replacement tooth or crown. Continue reading to find out how dental implants can restore your smile and benefit your overall oral health.

    Better Appearance
    If you are like most people who are missing one or more teeth, you may have experienced a loss of self-esteem. Missing teeth can make it almost impossible to interact in social situations and can even make it challenging to advance in your Dental Implants in Bel Air career. Dental implants ensure that you have a complete, healthy smile so you can feel confident in any business meeting or social setting. Dentists also recommend dental implants because they are more predictable than bridgework.

    Improved Chewing
    With missing teeth, chewing even soft foods can be a challenge. In fact, dentists often see patients who have resorted to chewing on only one side of the mouth. Unfortunately, the soft gums are highly susceptible to cuts and sores, which can easily lead to infection with the presence of food. Additionally, nearby teeth can become tipped, crowded, or chipped. Dental implants completely restore your smile and replace all missing teeth, making chewing your food painless and efficient.

    Permanent Solution
    Dentists often recommend dental implants for people who have lost one or more teeth due to disease, decay, or injury. Dental implants are also well-suited to patients who are no longer able to wear removable dentures and need a permanent fix. While dental implants cannot be placed in patients who do not have enough bone to support the implant, your dentist can recommend safe and effective ways to correct bone deficiency. Dental implants will restore your smile and save your dental health.