What Is Orthodontics?

When you meet with your orthodontist in Bel Air , his or her primary concern will have to do with the way your teeth and facial muscles interact with each other. Orthodontics can be used in combination with cosmetic dentistry to achieve an attractive and efficiently functioning smile. Watch this video clip to find out more about orthodontics.

Just like your dentist, your orthodontist will conduct a mouth exam in order to take a detailed look at your teeth and gums. Depending on what he or she finds, a treatment plan may be devised. This mouth exam allows your orthodontist to find out if your teeth are growing in evenly as well as their proper placement. Braces, wires, and headgear are common orthodontic treatments that are used to correct misaligned teeth and yield proper bites. More and more adults are using braces and other orthodontic procedures due their newly discreet nature.